Faux Iron Solutions in Westlake Village

The Drapery Guy has a complete line of Faux Iron Art Overlays (Tableaux®). You won’t believe it’s not wrought iron. We can do any size, shape, design, or color for your home or office. We offer hundreds of possible choices, or you can use your own custom design.

Faux Iron Art Overlays are not iron at all. They are crafted from a composite material made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers and resins. Tableaux® is used for decorative, nonstructural applications only. It can be easily inserted into or mounted onto windows, doors, cabinetry, ceiling coffers, or used for wall art and grilles. Tableaux® is light weight, easy to install and maintain, cost effective, and offers design flexibility.

The more intricate the design, the more price competitive Faux Iron Art Overlays become. Faux Iron Overlay work can replicate the intricacies found in cast iron work without the prohibitive costs associated with cast iron molds.

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